The Croatian Students’ Council supports Ukrainian students and all citizens of Ukraine in this difficult time in which they are defending not only their country and freedom but also the whole of Europe and fundamental human values. 

We emphasize the seriousness of the situation and the need for an urgent reaction because the devastating consequences of the attack will be felt not only by Ukrainians but by Europe as a whole. As a student community, we are particularly concerned about the safety of our fellow students, academic staff, and researchers in Ukraine. 

At this time, students and citizens of Europe need to show a united stance and participate in disseminating true information and presenting the real situation in Ukraine, and not allow us to be overwhelmed by untruths and misinformation that may appear in the media. 

We want to override the weapons that echo in Ukraine with expressions of sympathy, condemnation of war aggression, and call for an end to all hostile activities on Ukrainian soil. That is why we call on all Croatian students, as well as citizens, to join the defense of human rights to life and freedom, which are currently being violated in Eastern Europe.